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Chris Kelly

World's CRAPPIEST Mom: You won't believe this.


When you're bathing a toddler who's not yet potty-trained, every once in awhile you're gonna catch a floater. But Nicole Candelaria finds such behavior unacceptable, as she recently proved by forcing her 3-year-old to eat her own feces after she went number two in the tub. It was the child herself who ratted out her mom to police, and her young siblings, aged 3 and 5, corroborated her account in spite of Candelaria's denials. Candelaria also allegedly held the offending toddler on a toilet and washed her mouth out with soap. The 3-year-old was found to have multiple surface injuries during a post-arrest medical exam.

Full story: Tempe woman accused of forcing child to eat feces

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