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Chris Kelly

Wait... what the? What are YOU doing here?


So maybe you're asking yourself: "Didn't you move to Arizona a couple years ago?  What the hell happened?"  The first answer is yes, I did.  The second answer is a bit more complicated.

I did in fact move to Arizona about two years ago. Early May 2012, I did my last show at KISS FM and remember very clearly saying (thru embarrassing tears on the air) to Kramer, Big Rob and Drew in the studio how sad I was to leave because radio wasn't going to as fun or special for me there without them as it was for me here.  I was far more right about that than I imagined when I said it.  I'm thankful for the opportunity that took me there, but it just was NOT my thing.  Only three things I miss about Tucson - the awesome golf courses, the In N Out burger by my house, and having a pool in my backyard.  None of those were enough to cure my homesickness. We've got great golf courses here, but the other two things, can't replace. Damn!

So, I walked away from the radio station down there and moved home to Northern CO!  I never sold my house when I left, only rented it out, so "coming home" meant coming home in more ways than one. I can't tell you how much I've missed it here, and especially how much I've missed KISS FM and YOU too.

I'm back in NoCo and back at KISS under very different circumstances than I left… some big life and career direction changes have made it a tough transition but everything always works out in the end, right?  I believe that whole heartedly now… you just have to have the guts to make the change when you realize you've chosen the wrong path. I am so grateful for the chance to come home and even more so for the chance to come back to KISS. Someone told me the other day: "you belong here." And I couldn't agree more.  I love it here.  And I've missed you. I hope to catch you around town soon, and when I do, come up and say hi so I can buy you a drink.  Meantimes, thanks for hangin' out with me on the radio again.

Oh also, I promise to actually use twitter this time around, now that I'm back.  I've been hit or miss with it honestly, but if you want to follow along, then I promise I will… hit me up @chriskelly961. Lots of love to you!

Your pal,

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