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Chris Kelly

VIDEO: Two girls crash their car while taking selfie


From the "don't be this person" file… two girls were shooting a video in the car, doing a little lip sync karaoke kind of thing, when of course, the driver who was distracted by trying to look cool for the video managed to crash the car.

Listen… I've texted while driving. You've probably texted while driving. Now and again you have moments (like after watching this video) where you realize that no message, no selfie, no video - NOTHING having to do with your phone is worth your life or those of friends or family in your car.

Can we all agree to just put the damn phone down and focus on driving our super fast and heavy car responsibly? That thing turns into a weapon real quick if you're not paying attention to what you're doing!

It should be noted, the girls got banged up pretty good in this crash… but their selfie taking ways didn't stop after the crash. They uploaded a selfie of themselves at the hospital afterwards. I sigh.

Check out their pic via here: Yet another selfie.

And watch this terrible video below. PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!


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