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Chris Kelly

VIDEO: 31-year old has a 91 year old girlfriend.


I'm not really sure what to say about this truthfully.  31-year old Kyle Jones doesn't like dating women his own age.  Which isn't all the unusual I guess… but when all the women he prefers are over the age of 65?  Yeah… things get a bit awkward.

This video is… well, I dare you to get thru to the end. I didn't make it.  There's a few moments where you kinda go… uhhhhh…. WTF?!

All respect to this guy and his girlfriends… whatever floats your boat I suppose and age is only a number, right? But I just couldn't imagine having anything at ALL in common with someone 60 years older than me.  She's THREE times his age… and his mom is cool with it because "he wants someone more mature."  And could a 31-year old really be someone a 91-year old would like? I just don't know.

Happy Friday!

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