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Things I wish I knew about partying when I was younger...




For most lushes, drinking in one's twenties can be a series of rolling blackouts. But one Cosmo writer managed to glean some lessons from that experience, compiling a list of 11 things she wishes she knew about partying when she was younger.  I feel like I can relate to this a bit, my second time around here at KISS FM...

1. Making a weekly or monthly budget for drinking money will save you hundreds of dollars in bar tabs.
2. The best way to save money while partying is to bring a certain amount of cash to the bar and spend no more than that. 
3. If you suspect you have left your credit card at the bar, call the bar IMMEDIATELY (if you’re too hammered, have a friend do it) and check.
4. Nothing good happens after 2 a.m. 
5. You’re allowed to leave early.
6. “Beer before liquor, never been sicker,” etc. is bulls**t.
7. Going to your ex’s party when you still have feelings for him/her is not ever a good idea.
8. Sex isn’t better when you’re drunk. 
9. Don’t smoke out of a stranger’s anything or drink any unknown drink.
10. Smoking when drunk is a gateway to smoking when sober and stressed, which is a gateway to smoking when sober.
11. Cigarettes will make your hangovers worse, have only negative effects on your health, and also make you look like an old, gray crone.
Check out the original article from Cosmopolitan below!


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