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Chris Kelly

Dutch all girl band sings while in a "self pleasured" state, if you know what I mean.


Hello, America… meet ADAM.  They're a Dutch all girl band, and they've taken over YouTube.  A couple weeks ago they took one of their songs to, well, kind of the "next level" if you will and I'm guessing it's propelled the band to the next level as well.

How shall I put this… they shot a video singing their song called "Go to Go." Except instead of fancy music video special effects, explosions, costumes and the usually Hollywood production for music videos, they kind of simplified things a bit and well, sat on devices that vibrate, so to speak, while they sang. Well, not "so to speak" as much as literally sat on devices that vibrate (if you know what I mean) WHILE they sang the song and shot the video.  The kind of devices that some women may stash in the back of a drawer somewhere and you know, never speak of.

Can you tell I'm having an awkward moment trying to describe what it is you're about to see here?

There's no nudity or anything terribly inappropriate in the video, so don't get worried about getting caught watching this at work.  In fact, it's delightfully tasteful and is being heralded around the world as pretty creative!

I'm thinking the expression "I can't walk and chew gum at the same time" is a bit of an understatement compared to this.  Watch and you'll get it.


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